The Spirit Effect

Scientists and academics of all types claim to be unbiased and in search of the truth.  But are they?  Are you?  There is a natural phenomenon that is simple enough for anyone to test, yet, so many are afraid to try — particularly the scientists and the academics.  Thus, it appears that those who claim to be seeking the truth the most are also those who are most afraid of finding the totality of it.

This phenomenon that I am talking about I will call the “Spirit Effect.”  The Spirit Effect is a communication mechanism created by God that will reveal truth of any kind (spiritual or physical, religious or scientific) to any person.  All you have to do to test if this effect exists is to try it.  Earnestly and honestly try it.  Yet, will you?  Can you?  Do I need to double-dog dare you?  Can you be open-minded enough to accept the possibility that there is more truth out there available to you if you only ask the right person… your father… your Heavenly Father?  Don’t throw away the truths you already know — only seek to add to them.

So how does one test this Spirit Effect?  Simple (but not necessarily easy).  Find a quiet place to yourself and kneel down (or as close to kneeling as you can get) and ask your Heavenly Father if there really is a God.  Use plain words and talk to Him like the father he really is.  Ask him if the Book of Mormon is His scripture?  Try asking Him about other churches if you so desire (or just to check if I’m wacky or not).  If you are truly seeking the truth and have fully opened your heart and mind to his answers, your Heavenly Father will burn the spirit into you with such intensity that you will not be able to ignore his answers to your questions.  It will keep you up at night and you will desire to seek more truth.  The more you talk to Him, the more He will reveal to you.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is as much a part of my dogma as the Book of Mormon and the Bible are.  Similarly, the Spirit Effect should be just as much a part of science as relativity is.  It is real.  Go prove it to yourself, for yourself.