Why the Supreme-Court Argument from Trumpers Doesn’t Work

2010 Supreme Court photo

The only half-valid argument I have heard in support of Trump is in regard to appointing Supreme Court justices.  That is, if you fear who Clinton might try to appoint, vote Trump.  And, yet, I still find this half-valid argument totally naive and, especially, totally insane when it comes from Trump supporters.  Anyone who actually-really-truly cared the teensy-weensiest bit about this part of our government would know from recent events alone that the President isn’t the ultimate authority on appointing justices.  If that were true, President Obama would have replaced Justice Scalia already.  Hello!

No, if you really care about Supreme Court justices, pay attention to your Senate races as well.  Senators share the ultimate authority with the President.  The republicans in power in the Senate at this very moment are proving that (and stupidly so, in my opinion).  If they can block justice appointments for a year, they can block them for four years.  (Personally, I won’t be voting for any politicians who ever supported Trump because they obviously take our government no more seriously than rooting for their favorite football team.  Paul Ryan really let me down here when I once had good hope that he wouldn’t.  In my own state, Richard Priem will never get my vote.)

As Christian as I am in my personal life, I am also a patriot when it comes to government.  As such, I believe that a judge should be neither left nor right.  Their only dogma while on the bench should be the law as it was intended by the writers of the law.  Justice Scalia was an excellent model of that and it was a sad day for our country when he died.  Thus, this is how the Supreme Court appointment logic breaks down for me:

  • Clinton + republican Senate = moderate justices
  • Clinton + democratic Senate = left justices
  • Trump + republican Senate = unpredictable: likely loony left or loony right
  • Trump + democratic Senate = loony left justices

Therefore, in the justices argument, Clinton plus a republican Senate has the best odds of appointing a justice I can believe in and Clinton has the best odds overall of appointing a justice I can respect, left or right.  And, yet, I haven’t even gotten to the real insanity of the Trump argument.

Our government has become superhuman… and part of that is that the justices are acting like law makers and congress is acting like judges.  This is the heart of the bigger issues for me and justice appointments are just one part of the many problems.  Clinton will likely continue to make this worse, so I can’t vote for her regardless of the likely justice advantage over Trump.  Trump, however, wants to be executor, law maker, and judge — in other words, a dictator — and I certainly can’t have that.  His ideal judge would be a puppet.  By his own words, little about our Constitution is safe with Trump.  That is the real insanity of this.

But, who am I kidding? Those who are dug into supporting Trump can’t be woken up to the reality of what exactly Trump is promoting just like all other fanatics throughout history couldn’t be woken up in their day.  I have just as little hope in talking sense with them as anyone else ever did with Hitler and Mussolini supporters in the past.  No, fanatics like this will happily march off a cliff before even remotely considering how insane or evil their loyalty is.  Thus, it is entirely not surprising that all I hear from Trump supporters is hate speech in their proselytizing.  Their own words betray them.  Their own words clearly indicate that they don’t believe in the basic freedoms our Constitution was written to protect.  They want some country other than the United States of America.  Curiously, I believe in their right to want a different country, I just personally wish they would go and do it somewhere else because it shows no respect for those who died for this one.  At a minimum, they should do it more respectfully.

To be fair, I think many on Clinton’s side, and Clinton herself, don’t want the country the Constitution describes either, but I also have a more general hope for them and other Americans than I do for the raging Trumpers.  Yesterday’s America believed in teaching a man to fish.  Today’s America just wants to give a man a fish and declare their job done so we can get back to our selfish lives.  The rampant entitled sense of the poor today did not create itself.  No, the misguided selfishness of today’s do-gooders created that entitlement monster.

So, what to do? Why am I writing this? I don’t know.  Self-therapy maybe.  The idea that 25% of America is dug into Trump is hugely depressing.  I had though better of Americans.  Maybe I will reach a few fence sitters.  Probably not.  I don’t have much of an audience.  All I can really do is press on and never give up on seeking the truth and doing the right thing, as best as I can know and do it.  I will not be voting for Trump or Clinton or Johnson or Stein.  I will vote for what is right and, if I cannot find it, I will vote for none of the above.  Those of you who call me hateful things because of this, your words reveal who you are inside… just like my frustrated words about the fanatic followers of dictators and bullies reveal who I am inside.  I am quite confident that any justice Clinton may try to appoint would be a much greater friend than any raging Trumper.

At the end of the day, I often find all of this fairly insignificant because global warming appears to be a much greater threat now than our broken, superhuman government.  After you vote, go home and stock your cupboards.